Muzungu Bag

Going through some photos of my trip, I was reminded of a funny story I thought I’d share.

Mathias, as a favour to me, lugged my backpack across the Zambia-Malawi border. I then met him in Lilongwe to pick it up.

“I almost forgot it twice on the way here,” he told me. Pretty understandable, given he was also lugging a 70kg pack of his own.

“It’s a miracle it got here!” I teased.

He went on to tell me how he left it at the Zambian border post, and had to go back to ask for it. They had stashed the unattended bag, and pulled it out when he asked about it.

“It belongs to a muzungu, isn’t it?” they asked him.

“Yes, how did you know?” Mathias asked.

“Well, we opened it, and saw some muzungu things, but the giveaway was how dirty it is. Those muzungus, they don’t clean their bags.”

The moral of the story: apparently is white people need to clean our bags more often!