Tchale Village 3: The Way of the Hat

Rounding out the much acclaimed trilogy comes “Tchale Village 3:  The Way of the Hat.”  Feel inspired this December to experience the magic of wide-brimmed hats everywhere.

Chifundo, the youngest son

I returned to Tchale village after the wedding on Saturday to stay for only one more night.  On Sunday, I travelled back to Lilongwe, where I stayed until my flight home on Tuesday.  So Sunday morning was full of sad goodbyes with my host family of the last week.  I left behind some gifts, including a T-shirt, my Swiss army knife, and my beloved hat.  The hat.

It truly is a magical hat that graces all of its wearers with blinding coolness.  These photos don’t lie.


One of Chifundo's friends

Mr. Nthala, looking every part the Malawian cowboy