Hybrid Cuisine

Our team leader Anna has left for Canada :(. However, our habit of crashing at her place did not end. A former EWBer, JP, who has come back to Africa, is taking over the place. In the hiatus between Anna’s departure and his arrival, we continue to squat. For a few nights, three of the four remaining in-country AVC members were here; Mark, Mathias and myself.

The other night, Mathias commented that we hadn’t eaten nshima since he arrived at the flat, and therefore hadn’t really eaten. Mathias is from Malawi, where nshima (although called nsima there) is also the staple. To remedy our nshima-less existence, Mathias bought some maize flour and made nshima, while Mark was tasked with making a beef relish. Not knowing how to prepare it in the Zambian style, he prepared a thick beef stew. And thus, Zambian-Canadian hybrid cuisine is born. We ate beef stew by hand with nshima… And it was wonderful!