Zambian Independence Day

Monday, October 24, 2011 was the 47th anniversary of Zambian Independence from Britain. I read a very interesting article in The Post on Tuesday (posted online on Wednesday). If you have time, it’s worth a read.

“Independence From and For What?”

A few key points are quoted below:

“A yearly celebration of Independence Day should make us find answers to what the true meaning of independence is and what we mean when we say we are independent. From whom are we independent and for what purposes are we independent?”

“Independence means self determination, freedom from control or undue influence from others, being able to support oneself without support from others, and having direction of one’s own affairs.”

“But since 1964, Zambia has struggled to find its footing to become truly an independent state. These struggles saw Zambia become a one-party participatory democracy in 1973, return to multi-party democracy in 1991, ruled for more than 20 years by the Movement for Multiparty Democracy, and very recently a peaceful transition to the Patriotic Front-led government. The fight for complete political independence continues.”

“Independence is not only political but also economic. Even when a nation can claim to be independent, if its economy is largely controlled by outside forces, it is difficult for such a nation to have control over economic policies that suit and benefit its people.”

” …we should make the most of our nation’s sovereignty. Powerful nations and institutions will always think that it is their right to interfere in the affairs of poorer nations but this is not right and should not be tolerated on all fronts… As much as we are interdependent, poor countries should have a say in their own policies and those of richer nations.”