Don’t Kubeba!

Zambia has just elected a new president, only the fifth since independence in 1964. Michael Sata of the Patriotic Front (PF) is the new president elect. People were very engaged in the campaigns of all the parties leading up to the election, and many people are very excited about the change now.


The picture above shows an ad in Lusaka for former president Banda and the MMD party (Movement for Multiparty Democracy). The PF, with less campaign funds at their disposal, were very clever. They adopted the slogan “don’t kubeba” which means “don’t tell them.” So go ahead, take whatever free paraphernalia MMD hands out, pretend you’re on their side, but don’t tell them you’re voting for us. If you look closely in the photo, below the giant Banda signs, you can see a little banner that reads “Don’t Kubeba.” This tactic effectively turns the whole expensive MMD ad into a PF ad. Brilliant.

Even better is that they made a song out of the slogan. You can hear it played in bars, with everyone dancing to it. Since Sata’s victory, it’s practically the anthem here in Mkushi.