Tough Looking Truck… From India?


I mustn’t forget where I come from. Let’s talk about a truck.

The photos show a relatively new Mahindra Bolero SC Turbo. Like a good number of vehicles I’ve seen here in Zambia, it’s from India. That’s right Alberta, India makes trucks. Tata is India’s other major make, producing everything from hatchbacks to semis.

I quite like the look of this truck. It vaguely reminds me of the 1940s era American trucks, although I’m sure it’s far more fuel efficient. It has that look and vibe. It’s made of steel. That’s right, steel! No plastic bumpers or silly plastic cladding like the newer Rangers, and no frilly gadgets inside. It’s a work truck, not a fashion statement. And I’m sure it gets a decent workout on the rough roads of Zambia.