The Maiden Post…


No, I have never blogged before.  This is my maiden post.  I’m now down to less than a week from my departure from Calgary, and it’s finally feeling real.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me fill you in…

From August to December, I will be living in Zambia and working as a Pro Fellow with Engineers Without Borders (to see the Calgary chapter page, click here).  There’s some uncertainty around what I’ll be doing, but here’s a general overview that I’ve received thus far.

I will be working with AVC (Agricultural Value Chains) Zambia.  One of their main goals is to improve distribution networks of agricultural inputs such as seed and fertilizer in remote rural areas.  To that end, I will be working with a Zambian owned company called MRI to improve their distribution through market research, prepaid vouchers and cell-phone transactions.  My exact role  in those initiatives will become apparent as I jump in head first and find a niche where I fit well.  I will be based in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, but will also travel to the field in the Central and Copperbelt provinces.

That will be the next five months of my life, and I’ll try to share some more details as I come across them in trial-by-fire.  I’ll also try to post some pictures along the way; the ones you see now were taken down around Waterton and Glacier National Parks.

Bye for now!
– Eric